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4C's Diamond Education

4C's Diamond Education

What are the 4C's?

The official technique (GIA) used to grade a diamond consists of the 4C’s  - Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. Each and every diamond that we use within our pieces and diamond engagement rings (link) at Oscar & Olivia is certified by an official body such as the GIA, and has been examined against these criteria and standards by a qualified gemologist. Therefore, you can have complete confidence that the diamond you take home is exactly as described. Understanding what each of the 4C’s are and what they refer to will give you all of the background knowledge you will need when looking for the perfect diamond. Of course, our team is here to help you along the way! We can guide you towards the stone that is right for you, get in touch!


Diamond Carat


Diamond Carat

Contrary to popular belief, a diamond’s carat refers to its weight, as opposed to its size. However, in most cases, the higher the carat, the larger the diamond. Dating back to the 16th Century, diamond jewellery was measured using carob seeds, which were thought to be a reliable counterweight due to the little variance in their mass. This explains where the name carat originates from! Of course, there are many factors that make up the beauty of a diamonds and diamond jewellery (link) besides their weight and appearance in size. Perhaps one of the biggest contributing factors is the skill in cutting a diamond to accentuate its natural beauty and to optimise sparkle. 


Diamond Clarity


Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity grading runs from Flawless to Slightly included, referring to the absence of imperfections and blemishes within a stone. Each diamond is evaluated for the number of both internal and external exclusions that it has, as well as the size, position and nature of these characteristics and the impact that they have on how the stone appears. 


Diamond Colour


Diamond Colour

A diamond that is pure and perfect in structure will have no colour at all, completely clear in appearance. The diamond colour grading begins at D, as an exceptionally white diamond, and works through alphabetically to J, where a stone will have more colour. Simply put, the clearer the diamond, the higher in value it becomes. 


Diamond Cut


Diamond Cut

Different to the shape of a stone, a diamond's cut is skilfully crafted to maximise its interaction and transmission of light. It is a complex process with many considerations to achieve the best results for each individual stone. A master craftsman will work at the depth, the table, the height of the angle of the crown, as well as the diamond’s girdle thickness. Each of these factors will affect the grading of the stone, as well as its durability and the way that it directs light. 

Diamond Jewellery at Oscar & Olivia

Here at Oscar & Olivia Jewellery, we have a wide range of diamond set wedding and eternity bands for you to choose from. Discover our collection online today, or alternatively, feel free to book an appointment to visit us in store! 

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