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A Guide to Shaped Wedding Rings

A Guide to Shaped Wedding Rings

What are shaped wedding rings?

Shaped wedding rings are designed to sit nicely with all engagement ring styles, fitting comfortably with their shape. Although most engagement rings of simple designs can quite easily go with a classic, straight, plain wedding band, some that consist of more elaborate styles may benefit from being matched with a shaped, or bespoke wedding ring

There are many different styles of shaped wedding rings for you to choose from, and here at Oscar & Olivia, we can help you to create your perfect wedding ring, shaped to fit your existing engagement ring, your personal style, and your design preferences. From simple design modifications to completely bespoke pieces, we can help you to find the right fit! Discover our bespoke jewellery service today, and create a shaped wedding ring that is exclusively unique to you!

What are the benefits of shaped wedding rings?


Limits the ring gap

There are many benefits of opting for a shaped wedding ring. One reason why many brides decide on this style of band is due to the fact that they limit the gap between the wedding and engagement ring. This prevents friction and bumping, which are two things that could, in time, damage your pieces. Therefore, shaped wedding rings are very popular amongst those with active lifestyles, as there is less of a need to worry about the movement of their rings whilst they are on-the-go. 


Unique, unconventional styles

Another advantage of shaped wedding bands is that they allow for more unique, detailed and unconventional engagement ring designs. Due to the shape, size and style of many diamond engagement rings, it can prove difficult to find a wedding band that not only complements the design, but also fits comfortably with it. So if you already have, or are looking to buy an elaborately designed engagement ring, such as a halo, multi-stone, or even some more detailed solitaire settings, then a shaped wedding ring may be the best choice for you!



One last benefit of purchasing a shaped wedding band, or having one created through a bespoke jewellery service is that they offer excellent versatility. Whether this versatility is present in the design, look, feel or shape of the band, they can stylishly be worn alone, or paired with many different engagement ring styles, as well as matching nicely with an eternity ring without looking too overcrowded. They also allow for you to incorporate gemstones, diamonds and birthstones, as well as alternate precious metals, into your wedding ring, which can make for a truly unique and personal design, which is perfect for such a special and sentimental occasion. 

Those with jobs such as nurses and health workers can wear their wedding rings, but not their engagement rings whilst working. Therefore, many with these types of jobs like to have a wedding ring that looks good on its own! So the versatility of a shaped wedding ring is perfect for this instance, the wishbone shape tending to be the most popular style, as it can be beautifully paired with an engagement ring, whilst also shining by itself.



If you are having a custom, or bespoke shaped wedding ring created, then you can tailor your design to fit your budget. As you have the opportunity to explore your own personal style and taste, you can include your personal specifications, and therefore, be able to create your perfect wedding ring to your exact budget. 


Oscar and Olivia Bespoke Jewellery


What are the different types of shaped wedding rings?

Deciding on a classic wedding band can be difficult, so unless you have an exact design in mind, deciding on a shaped wedding band can prove even more overwhelming! This is because there are so many different shaped wedding ring styles that are popular and available within the jewellery market, and especially if you are a first time engagement or wedding ring buyer, you may not know where to start. However, once you have an idea of what you are looking for, this will come as an advantage due to the versatility of your options. 

Here at Oscar & Olivia Jewellery, we want to make sure that you have a detailed understanding of the bespoke shaped wedding ring styles, as well as those that we offer. Our guide towards the shaped wedding bands below should provide you with an insight into which band style is best suited for you, your engagement ring, and your own personal style. The bespoke jewellery service at Oscar & Olivia offers you the opportunity to adjust, tweak, or add to any of the styles that we present to you during our bespoke service.

For more information, or to book a wedding ring consultation, please feel free to get in touch with us, and fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you, and will be happy to offer you any guidance necessary! In the meantime, you are welcome to familiarise yourself with the different shaped wedding rings that we offer at Oscar & Olivia...


Shaped wedding bands


Cut out  - Cut out wedding rings are a type of shaped wedding ring that are styled to fit perfectly to a specific engagement ring. There are many unique versions of this design that will ensure that your beloved engagement ring will sit flush next to your wedding ring.

Wishbone  - A wishbone shaped wedding ring is a piece of jewellery that features a 'V' shape on top of the ring's design. Choosing a wishbone shaped wedding ring allows you to shape around the design of your existing engagement ring. Many brides-to-be opt for this style over a fitted wedding band, and it also looks great as a standalone ring!

Shaped - This classic, timeless style of wedding ring will fit perfectly with your engagement ring, and is crafted in the shape that you require. This is a great option if you plan to wear your two special rings every day, and do not like the idea of gaps in between them!  


Engagement and wedding ring set Oscar and Olivia


What is a wedding and engagement ring set?

A bridal set is the combination of both the wedding ring and the engagement ring. Some brides decide to buy an engagement ring and a wedding ring as a set at the same time, or have them made during a bespoke process to match. Others, though, such as brides who were proposed to as a surprise, form their bridal set after receiving their engagement ring. Either way, you have the opportunity to create a beautiful bridal set that is unique to you and your partner, whether you opt for a plain band, a diamond band, or a shaped wedding ring. 

When pairing wedding and engagement rings, and wearing them on the ring finger of the right hand, most brides tend to place their wedding ring on first, and the engagement ring on top. However, this is a completely personal decision, and ultimately comes down to what suits you best, and which way is most comfortable for your wedding and engagement ring styles.

Here at Oscar & Olivia Jewellery, we are able to create a shaped wedding band that fits with your existing engagement ring. This is a simple process that takes around 10-14 days to complete, and is the perfect way to fashion a beautifully fitted wedding and engagement ring set. Get in touch today to learn more about wedding and engagement ring sets.


Shaped wedding rings FAQs


Can shaped wedding bands be set with diamonds and gemstones?

Yes, all of the bespoke shaped wedding ring designs can incorporate diamond and gemstone options, which is perfect for those looking for a little bit more sparkle! If you have an engagement ring that has diamonds set in a channel style, for example, then it will be a case of matching this same style precisely in your wedding ring design. A wide variety of stones are able to be used within shaped wedding band designs, from diamonds to unique birthstones such as alexandrite and amethysts. Not only do gemstones look amazing as part of a shaped wedding ring, they also are a great way to personalise your design even further. 


What are the ring size options for bespoke bands, and can they be resized?

When it comes to bespoke shaped wedding rings, the average UK ring sizes are offered. You can learn more about what the ring size options are, and how you can find out your ring size here. Download your free ring sizer today! However, if you require extended sizes, or need your band resized, then it is typically possible for any size ring to be made or altered. Discover jewellery services at Oscar & Olivia today.


How are shaped wedding rings made?

Shaped wedding rings are created in the same way, and follow the same manufacturing process as most types of rings. This ensures that your bespoke ring maintains the high-quality, detailed finish that wedding rings are known for.  


Oscar and Olivia Shaped wedding bands


Bespoke and Shaped Wedding Rings at Oscar & Olivia

Here at Oscar & Olivia, we believe in creating pieces that are truly unique and personal to you and your partner. Through our bespoke jewellery design process, we can offer you the opportunity to create your perfect ring or jewellery piece, including wedding bands to precisely fit your engagement ring, as well as your finger.

Our bespoke shaped wedding rings are offered in 9ct white gold, 14ct white gold, and platinum. To learn more about the precious metals and which is the best choice for you, read our article. For more jewellery guides, education and information, discover the Oscar & Olivia guides

Find out more about our bespoke jewellery service here, or feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today!

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