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Wedding Rings

May 4, 2023

Try at Home Wedding Ring Service

Are you looking for a more personalized experience when it comes to choosing your wedding rings? Oscar & Olivia offfer a unique Try at Home wedding ring service, available in Manchester and surrounding North West England areas.

Apr 4, 2023

The Wedding Ring Trends for 2023

In this Oscar & Olivia guide, we will highlight the ladies and gents wedding ring trends for 2023, in the hope that you will gain a better insight into the type of wedding band that you and your partner are looking for.

Jan 26, 2023

A Guide to Shaped Wedding Rings

Shaped wedding rings are designed to sit nicely with all engagement ring styles, fitting comfortably with their shape. Shop shaped wedding rings at Oscar & Olivia Jewellery.

Sep 12, 2022

Wedding Ring History

Today, wedding rings symbolise a couple’s commitment, love and devotion to one another, evolving into statements of individuality and partnership that can be worn by both spouse’s.

Aug 2, 2022

Precious Metals for Wedding Rings

Which precious metal is best for our wedding rings? Read on to find out more about platinum, palladium, yellow, rose and white gold precious metals and which may best suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Aug 2, 2022

Wedding Ring Profiles

The profile, or the shape, of a wedding ring is determined by looking at the cross section of a ring. The idea is that if you were to cut through a wedding band, the profile is the shape that you would see.
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